Men’s B recap

On Saturday night at 7 p.m., Old’s Cool and the Mo Bamba’s faced off for the Men’s B League title. Old’s Cool consisted of a few Southern faculty members, such as Greg King, chair of the religion department, Darren Bissell, Hulsey office manager, Billy Jones,a campus safety officer, and Tim Trott, a biology professor. Old’s Cool also had some not quite as old players, such as Christian Bunch, student missions director and recent graduate and current graduate student Joe Mixon.

Mo Bamba, on the other hand, was comprised of Southern students: Parker Center, Hudson Sutton, Tate VanEgmond, Phillip Warfield, Keuris Fernandez, Andrew Hansbury, Edgar Garcia, Derek Schroer and Ryan Gaskill. Even though the Mo Bamba’s had previously lost a close game to Unicorn Gang, the Unicorn Gang had to forfeit because they couldn’t make their semi-final game and the Mo Bamba’s advanced to the semi-finals, won there, and made it to the finals.
The game started off looking pretty even as Old’s Cool was up 9-8 with four minutes to go in the first half. At the half, the score was 13-12, still anyone’s game. However, in the second half, Old Cool’s Bunch and Ted Showalter, both the tallest guys on the court, took over and Old’s Cool shot up to 21-16.
The Mo Bamba’s weren’t done yet though. They brought the score back within a basket with 9:40 to play. However, Bunch and Showalter continued to score. When they missed from far, their height ensured that an offensive rebound would go in for an easy basket. The Mo Bamba’s had several beautiful fast breaks, but Old’s Cool purposely fouled them each time to set up free throws instead of a guaranteed layup. The Mo Bamba’s fell to 34-27 with a minute to play and couldn’t catch up from there. Old’s Cool won 40-31 for the B League title. Bunch was the leading scorer of the game with 16 points with Showalter scoring 15. Hansbury was the leading scorer for the Mo Bamba’s with 13 points, with Warfield scoring 8.

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