Student Missions Director leaving Southern

Christian Bunch

After serving as Student Missions Director since 2017, Christian Bunch will be leaving the position on March 18. Bunch will begin to work remotely for a natural food company called Country Life Natural Foods, located in Michigan. 

After graduating in 2017 from Southern with a degree in business, Bunch applied for the student missions director position and didn’t think he would get the job.  

“It was definitely something I prayed a lot about,” Bunch said. “God made it clear that this [was] the right fit. There were a lot of people who applied, so I didn’t think I would get it. But it just worked out.” 

He said director for Student Missions was his dream job and allowed him to get involved with people all over the world, working in many different countries and impacting students’ lives.

Since working at Southern, Bunch said some of his greatest accomplishments have been hiring great students who did exceedingly more than he would have ever thought. 

“They are incredible,” Bunch said. “All the teams I have worked with are incredible.” 

Bunch said that while working at Southern he has learned to appreciate and understand people of different races and cultures. 

“I don’t think I understood the experience of somebody who is of a different skin tone than I am until I came and worked at Southern, and I’ve had so many great conversations,” Bunch said.

Bunch said during his time at Southern, he has seen God lead him day by day.

“We often think like, ‘Lord, what do you want me to do?’ Like, big picture,” Bunch said. “Just get on your knees, spend time with Him today, and eventually those days make a year.”

When asked if he had any regrets while working at Southern, Bunch said he didn’t.“I don’t know if I’ve met my own expectations, but I think we made a lot of progress,” Bunch said. “I have no regrets. Hopefully, somebody who comes after [me] will be able to take [what we’ve done] and just double and triple it — like, just really build on the things we’ve adapted to. I think this program is positioned to thrive.”

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