The Spirit: ‘An inner force that prompts us to share’


Victoria grew up in Seattle, Washington, cold, wet and mostly cloudy over the course of the year. This past summer, she was able to experience — for the first time — warm and sunny weather. Her family decided to spend their vacation in tropical South Florida, located in the Sunshine State. They went all over the place: a couple of weeks at a cousin’s house in Fort Lauderdale, a weekend full of fun at the water parks in West Palm and, last but not least, an entire month in beautiful Miami Beach. 

“I wish you could have been there with me,” she told her classmate and best friend, Ana, on their first day of class. “I spent time with my cousins who I hadn’t seen in forever. My brother and I were spent after the water parks in West Palm. It was so much fun!”

Coming back to school after summer vacation can be an interesting but different experience for everyone. Some dread having to get back to studying and the tedious process of learning. For others, it’s probably a blessing being able to get back, work on their degrees and feel like they’re getting closer to the finish line. 

Regardless, one thing is for sure: everyone loves to share and hear from friends about what happened during the break. This could include  beautiful places they traveled to on vacation, family members they visited and  long-lasting memories they created. Even those like me, who spent the entire break working, find moments of joy to tell. The excitement of sharing a good experience is inevitable; it just pours out.  

The experience is similar to when we live in Christ. Our excitement pours out, and witnessing is the result of being in the Spirit; it is the experience of living in Christ. 

When Jesus was in the boat in the middle of the storm, even when He slept, He did not stop bearing witness. His testimony lay in His attitude. Jesus had a totally different approach and reaction to the storm from His disciples. A storm was raging in the middle of the darkness. Heavy rain and water overflowed the boat, which was shaken by hard winds. Lightning provided an intermittent flash which was accompanied by a loud soundtrack of thunder. The disciples, trying to control the situation, were working with everything they had, while Jesus appeared unbothered. Jesus’ attitude towards the storm was His testimony. A person who is filled with the Spirit exists in testimony. 

Surrendering to Christ is not an affirmation to stand on a pedestal and preach down to the whole world. Testimony has to do with living in the fullness of the Spirit and believing that absolutely no circumstance will deprive us of that fullness. The attestants’ efforts come from joy and the motivation to share their experiences with Jesus. 

When we are in Christ and have the fullness of the Spirit, there is an inner force that prompts us to share, to witness. It is not a requirement to deliberately go out and share our findings just because we feel an obligation to work for Jesus. It is important to understand that we do not just work for Jesus. Rather, we are Jesus’ P.R. — His marketing team.

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