Collegedale Municipal Court downgrades charge for student arrested for stabbing

Christopher Jong-Jin Won.
Christopher Jong-Jin Won.

The Collegedale Municipal Court downgraded Christopher Jong-Jin Won’s charge to simple assault, a misdemeanor, during Won’s court hearing last Wednesday, February 9. 

Won, a senior accounting major at Southern, was arrested for stabbing his roommate on December 11, 2021, and charged with aggravated domestic assault on the scene, as reported in a previous Accent article

During the February 9 court hearing, Won’s lawyer said Won will pay restitution through her office to the victim. She also said Won had been to counseling prior to the court date and will continue counseling. The length of counseling would be deferred to the counselor, but Won’s lawyer said it would be for at least five weeks.

The court is requiring Won to provide proof of paid restitution and of continued counseling. Collegedale Municipal Court Judge Kevin Wilson downgraded Won’s charge to a misdemeanor with a possibility for dismissal if Won completes all court obligations. 

Won’s next court date is scheduled for September 14, 2022. The date of his dismissal is set for February 8, 2023.

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