WSMC continues to make advancements 

The mural that adorns the side of the WSMC building. (Photo by: Alana Crosby)
The mural that adorns the side of the WSMC building. (Photo by: Alana Crosby)

WSMC Classical 90.5, located on the campus of Southern Adventist University, is the only classical music radio station in the area, according to WSMC Director Scott Kornblum. 

The station went live in 1961, reaching as far as Signal Mountain, according to an article on The article went on to note that in 1974 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted a power increase of 100,000 watts, which, according to Kornblum, the station still maintains today. 

“The FCC had a couple of opportunities over the years to increase our power, and so now we’re up to 100,000 watts, which is absolutely huge,” said Kornblum.

Kornblum said the majority of listeners are in the Tennessee Valley area; however, audiences span from Massachusetts to China and number about 25,000 a week.

In an interview with the Accent, Kornblum listed four improvements the station has recently made. WSMC hired Thaddeus Lozensky in April as the account manager, according to Kornblum. 

“A business that has a phenomenal mission still has to fund that mission,” said Kornblum. “And that’s what his job is, to fund this mission of making a difference for the lives of our listeners.”

In addition, WSMC has added a new program, “The Chattanooga Symphony Hour,” headed up by Briana Hanson, sophomore film production major. 

Kornblum also mentioned the station has hired a content manager for the first time in its existence. Southern alumnus Robby Raney, now working on his master’s degree at Andrews University, works remotely to choose content for WSMC programs, according to Kornblum. 

“Now that we have Robby, I’m counting on the quality going up,” said Kornblum. “I know Robby. I know how much he loves classical music and how much he loves Christian ministry. He is the ideal candidate for this position. It’s a miracle we got him, honestly.”

Lastly, Kornblum said WSMC has launched a billboard campaign, advertising the various WSMC programs. 

“[It’s] a privilege that we’re invited into their homes with that level of frequency, and it’s so personal,” said Kornblum, reflecting on WSMC’s relationship with listeners. “You open up that mic, but you are talking to that couple, and you’re talking to the grandparent driving their grandchild, and you’re talking to the person who’s up all night in chronic pain. It’s a privilege that we get to minister to those people through classical music.”

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