Collegedale Church finishes renovations to community building space

On Feb. 15, the Collegedale Church will finish renovations for its new community building space. The project includes renovations to the existing Sabbath school rooms, as well as updates to the pavement and sidewalks around the church. There will also be new spaces for students and community members to participate in life groups.
This new church innovation is designed for everybody to feel more welcome at the Collegedale Church. The community building center will be on the main level, furnished with easy chairs and couches for a more relaxed space. Students will be able to come and utilize the space at any time after opening.
“Our main focus is university students,” said Wolf Jedamski, project manager. “This is a place for them to host afterglow, serve snacks, break up in to prayer groups, relax or study.”
The center was also designed as a place for church members and students to study, converse or have prayer with new believers or non-believers who may not feel as comfortable in a more traditional church setting. Downstairs there is a new lab with a seminar room and new technology, purposed for leadership training within the church.
The children of Collegedale Church are going to benefit from the new and improved Sabbath school rooms on the bottom level. There will be opportunities for them to learn more about Jesus in creative ways. “It’s so exciting for me after years of attending the Collegedale Church to see kids have the opportunity to start their walk with God in a new and fun environment,” said Alexandra Griffin, sophomore general studies major.
According to Jedamski, the new space will be open for everyone to come and use at their convenience with the goal of building stronger relationships between the university and community.

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