Campus Safety gets RAD

The Campus Safety Department of Southern Adventist University offers a self-defense program called Rape Aggression Defense (RAD). RAD instructor Josh Fraker explained how the program works and how it can help men and women.
According to Fraker, this program is fairly new and was developed through the voices of students.
“Several students asked if a program on self-defense could be offered,” he said.
RAD is a program offering self-defense classes for both men and women.
“[RAD is designed to] help men by providing a safer alternative to reacting out of anger,” Fraker said. “Women can learn to develop and enhance their options of self-defense.”
Fraker said this initiative differs from other programs with similar goals.
“RAD incorporates tried-and-true basic principles of self-defense that can be used with a number of other programs,” Fraker said. “The fundamental theme of RAD is educating individuals to empower them.”
The program is short and simple. Classes are broken down into four or five days for a total of twelve hours. They are offered on alternate days of the week such as Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays.
“This program is free, thanks to Southern providing materials and instructors,” Fraker said. “It allows for a basic life-skill to be started and a platform for creating a sense of safety as students leave Southern. These skills can be taken to the workplace.”
While this program is held on Southern’s campus, it is open to the community to sign up for classes as well. For more information email

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