Erasing stress off the to-do list

Walking into each school semester, I always hold my breath. I’m never prepared for the weight of stress that is bound to fall on my shoulders. The thought of trying to manage the daily demands of school, work and my personal life is all too overwhelming. Of all the untouched assignments waiting patiently to be crossed off my to-do list, stress is always the one thing I seem to faithfully accomplish.
While trying to juggle work, school and my personal life, there is always one important thing that I so easily let go of: my relationship with Jesus. I’m ashamed every time I think of it because I know all too well that Jesus is the way when there seems to be no way at all. Spending time with Him is so crucial in times of need, because in the ever raging sea of everyday life, He will always be the lifeboat willing to save me.
One thing I admire most about Jesus is how He never asks much of me. Every time I call on Him for help, He says ‘OK,’ and comes running to my rescue. All He asks is for me to trust Him, but it’s always easier said than done.
After God has turned all the chaos to calmness in my life, I can’t help but look back and appreciate the struggle. Every time God steps in to help, every time I witness Him creating a way where there seems to be no way, our relationship grows so much stronger. I think that’s all God wants: for me to recognize how He’s willing to take care of me, no matter how small or big the task may be. He is always someone I can count on.
With God, there’s no room for stress on the to-do list. He calls us to erase it and trust Him (Psalm 94:19).

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