KR’s hopes to reach 1,100 customers today

Once again, KR’s is having its annual Valentine’s Day special with an extra goal of serving 1,100 customers. Special menu items have been implemented to encourage students to come in and grab something to snack on.
“We have decorations, a special drink and we also have a special sandwich,” said Arielle Belgrace, liberal arts education sophomore and KR’s employee.
The first Valentine’s special item to be served is a “Flatwich,” which consists of strawberries and Nutella on a flatbread. There is also the “Love’s Dare,” a blended drink with strawberries, chocolate and ice cream. The “Love’s Dare” is then topped with whipped cream and a cherry. The last Valentine’s Day special item is a waffle, but students will have to go to find out the mystery toppings for this sweet treat.
The KR’s staff will have the place decked in red, pink and white. They also will decorate the outside seating area with chalk art and give out stickers to every buyer.
Though this is being prepared for Valentine’s Day, Armstrong said it’s not for couples only. KR’s wants to show that Valentine’s Day is more than about love between couples but also about God’s love.
“Our motto is ‘Remember, it’s the little things we do that make a difference,’” Armstrong said. “We are so excited for our 1,100 goal. It makes the students really feel loved.”

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