Ladies’ A recap

The Ladies’ A-League finals took place on Saturday night. The game featured One Last Dance and the Air Ballers. One Last Dance was comprised of Natalie Diaz, Ally Stock, Brooklyn Moore, Mei Chin, Alexandra Candamil and Micah Scott.
Air Ballers’ roster was Amber Lee, Corinne Atiga, Alaina Burrowes, Camille Chu, Alexandra Lang, Annelise Scales and Allison Retz.

Immediately after the start of the first 18-minute half, One Last Dance took a quick lead in the game as they shot up to 11-2 in the first five minutes of the game. However, the Air Ballers climbed back and brought the game to 21-15 at halftime. Diaz looked unstoppable in the first half, scoring 13 points with a mixture of 3’s and layups. Moore scored 6 in the first half, using her height and athleticism to grab rebounds and score. Lee put up 5 points, and Chu and Lang both scored 4 in the first half to bring them within 6 points at half.
Soon after the second half started, Chu broke up a pass and dribbled back for a quick layup. After a beautiful 3 from Lee, the Air Ballers found themselves only behind by 3 at the start of the second half. A shot from Lang put them within 1 point, the closest they had gotten all game. However, a hot streak from Diaz put One Last Dance up 29-22. Then, the momentum shifted after some impressive defense from Chu and Scales. The Air Ballers capitalized off those takeaways; and with scores from Lee, Chu and Atiga, they were within one point again. The crowd erupted as a shot from Scales from center court gave the Air Ballers their first lead of the game, 29-30. Moore and Diaz quickly scored to give the lead back to One Last Dance, but after Burrows made both free throws, the score was 33-32 with 3 minutes to go, One Last Dance having the 1-point lead.
One Last Dance was not to be stopped. With consecutive scores from Diaz, Chin and Moore, Once Last Dance went up 41-32 to win the A-League Championships. Diaz finished with an impressive 25 points and Moore with 10. Lee was the top scorer of the Air Ballers with 10 points. Congratulations to One Last Dance on their victory.

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