Save the baby humans

Recently in a few states, New York and Virginia being the most notable, there have been bills proposed that remove restrictions on late-term abortions. Essentially these bills would legalize the termination of pregnancy up to and including the due date of the child.
First, some argue that life doesn’t exist if it can’t exist independently outside the womb. However, babies at this stage of fetal development can survive, so this argument is null and void. Second, some argue that no one should be forced to raise children. This is reasonable, but there are still other alternatives to abortion, especially when the child can survive and thrive outside the womb with other parents.
BBC News reported that Virginia and its conservative majority defeated the bill that would have removed restrictions on late-term abortions last Monday. Of course, not everyone would claim this as a victory. The BBC quoted the democratic Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, several times throughout the article. Of course, he supported the bill. In reference to abortions that may have taken place after birth, the governor said, “The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired. And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”
Infants that are already living outside the womb should never be thought of as disposable. It is already deplorable that someone would kill an unborn child, but to kill a child living and breathing apart from their mother is beyond contempt.
Kathy Tran, a democratic representative in Virginia, also tried to fight for the bill, but had a hard time admitting that the bill would allow “abortion” until a few seconds before birth. While a woman is in labor after having gone through her entire pregnancy, she could decide to abort her pregnancy. While the premise is to do this only in particular circumstances, it is an extremely slippery slope.
The National Review commented on the timeliness of the sale of the movie about Dr. Gosnell, a man tried with murder for performing late-term abortions. He was found guilty and sent to prison for what New York legalized.
Nearly every heinous act committed by Gosnell and his assistants has now been legalized in New York. We as a society are becoming more and more okay with horror, death and decay and the effects of sin, and it needs to stop.
Who are Christians that would allow something like this to happen? When did the human life become something to throw away if it is inconvenient to us? When did the sacred responsibility of a mother to her child become negotiable if she just doesn’t want to give birth? Is there any hope?
More and more, it is easy to see the only hope is in Jesus. His return can end the violence and madness that is tearing us apart.
One must stand for truth and life while waiting, and condemn those who would snuff out innocence as it takes its first breath. Christians have a responsibility to our Lord and the Author of Life to defend all his children, no matter how small.

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