Collegedale Public Library provides resources to students

The Collegedale Public Library is offering new, up-to-date book titles and resources for the community, including Southern students.

Students who want a library card only need to provide their Southern ID to prove they are a temporary resident of Collegedale, as well as a driver’s license to prove they are a permanent resident in another state.
Some people have already taken out library cards for a larger selection of books than the McKee Library has to offer.
“I am really excited to use my library card because I feel like it will provide me more options for recreational reading,” said Sierra Correia, junior English major. “The library itself is very cute and well organized, it’s a nice environment to spend time in.”
The library is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. most days and lists major events and reading challenges on the website, They also offer a Chattanooga Zoo pass to check out for a week.
Junior English major China Mae Brisco offers free tutoring services at the Collegedale Public Library on Sundays to any student in the community who is struggling with classes.
“It is rewarding to be the presence of people who want to learn and better their skills in school. I wanted to volunteer at the public library because it is a charming environment outside of campus with multiple ages groups of people to help. I much enjoy the atmosphere, and I love helping people. I am an English Education major, so I am looking at this as a way to boost my skills in working with kids and being able to help when it comes to reading and English homework,” Brisco said.

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