Career counseling: Have you considered it?

One of the most difficult decisions people face during their college experience is deciding what they want to pursue as a career. For a handful of people, knowing what they wanted to do came easily from a very young age. However, for a larger population of college students, 20-50 percent to be exact, finding what they are passionate about can be a tough journey.
A recent study revealed that one in three students are unhappy with the course they have chosen to study. That means that more than half a million university students are dissatisfied with what they have chosen as their career. With so many students not knowing if they are on the right path, naturally there had to be a resource that could help them find the way to happiness and success. This is where career counseling comes into play.
Here at Southern, the Career Services on the third floor of Lynn Wood Hall offers services such as special tests and counseling sessions to try and help students determine what field may be ideal for them. These tests are specifically designed to reveal personality traits such as strengths, weaknesses, motivators and preferences. Interests are considered the biggest factor when it comes to choosing a career that will intellectually and emotionally engage you.
Sonia Sanchez, a nursing freshman, took the career aptitude test in fall 2018, resulting her to change her major from elementary education to her current major. When asked about her counseling sessions, she said, “I had a very good experience with career counseling. When I started going, I was given three tests, each evaluating what type of person I am, my interests and what I would be good at. By the end of the last appointment, it was clear that I was supposed to do nursing.”
Knowing what you want to do is great, however, if you don’t think you are on the right track to a happy and successful future, maybe it’s time to pay a visit to Lynn Wood. Daniel Olson, the career services coordinator, will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

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