Hang in there…

Now that spring break is over (too soon in my opinion), we are halfway through the semester and that much closer to graduation for a lucky few–aka not me. Yesterday, the first day back from break, I observed a poor soul who was already exhausted sleeping in their pajamas on a couch in the lobby of a building that was not the dorm. The thought struck me that we’ve only just gotten back from break and this student did not appear to be off to a good start. As a self-diagnosed procrastinator, I often struggle to find the motivation to keep up with my classes, work and internship and wish that I was napping on a couch somewhere. Unfortunately, napping will not get my assignments done. While I am very motivated to graduate so that I can get an adult job doing something that I love, however, it is one thing to be motivated to do something and an entirely different thing to find the willpower to do it. Through these past few weeks of the semester, I encourage all of you to hang in there, stick to it and challenge yourself to find both motivation and willpower to finish out the semester well.

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