Chipotle Opening Up in Chattanooga this fall

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Chipotle is set to arrive this fall on Gunbarrel Road to replace of the former Famous Dave’s near Hamilton Place. The exact date of the opening has not been revealed, but Chipotle management confirmed that it will arrive in late fall.

There has been a mixed reaction amongst some Southern students about the arrival of the Chipotle. Some students have shown excitement at Chipotle being more available to Southern’s campus and the chance to fill cravings and maintain loyalties.

“I feel like there are things you can get at [Chipotle] that you can’t get anywhere else.” said Bailey Bryant, psychology major sophomore.

“I’m very excited about the Chipotle coming!”  psychology senior Luis Moreno said. “I’m from the north, so Chipotle is definitely my go to restaurant.” 

Some students, however, say that they prefer other Mexican restaurants in the area, like Dos Bros, rather than Chipotle. 

”[Chipotle] is too far out of my way for a place that might not offer a student discount and not as good as a place that’s literally five minutes away,” said Emily Simmons, a general studies sophomore. 

Students such as physical therapist assistant sophomore Marissa Coffrey, prefer Dos Bros’ quality of food.

“Dos Bros just tastes better and is fresher,” Coffey said.

At this point in time, the Southern Student Association has not been able to guarantee a discount for Southern students. However, the officers plan to reach out to Chipotle management to negotiate a discount for Southern students. 

The arrival of the Chipotle in the Chattanooga area will round up the number of Chipotles in the U.S to 2,492 stores. Before this, the closest Chipotle’s facilities to Southern were found in either Kennesaw, Nashville, Atlanta or Knoxville.

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