VM to begin charity drive


The Village Market is hoping to begin a money drive this month to support the Chattanooga Community Kitchen to feed and find homes for those in need. The fundraiser will begin soon and continue until Thanksgiving.

The cashiers at the Village Market will be asking customers at checkout to donate a dollar to Chattanooga Community Kitchen and  will be scanning donation cards. Customers will be able to put their names on the given donation card. At the end of the drive, a report will be run to see how much money they raised.

In September, Jackie Rose, manager of the Village Market, went to the Chattanooga Community Kitchen along with his church and family to feed those in need. Rose got the idea to help out the organization by having cashiers offer customers a donation card in the Village Market. 

According to Dee, the amount expected to be raised depends on the customers. Associate store manager of the Village Market, Dee Franks, said, “We appreciate any amount that can be given.” She also talked about the importance behind this money drive: “God has put us here to help others, and everyone should do whatever they can to help.”         

According to Rose, in November, the Village Market will start having the cashiers round up their change as an initiative to help students eat on campus.

“Lots of students don’t have enough to eat,” said Rose. 

As reported by the City of Chattanooga spokesperson, Richard Albright, in 2018 there were 623 people without homes. CEO of the Community Kitchen Jens Christensen says that the previous number stated may not be the whole picture, since there are people who prefer not to be counted as homeless because of the shame, according to an article from News Channel 9.

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