Thatcher Gym closes until winter semester

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The Thatcher Hall gym is currently closed due to renovations in the dorm’s ventilation system. The construction was initiated earlier this summer, however it has taken longer than expected for the construction to conclude.

The ventilation replacement was originally scheduled to end in mid-September, the same time the gym was supposed to open. However, according to Belinda Fisher, Thatcher Office Manager, the gym will not be ready to use until next semester.

These renovations have been inconvenient according to Cindy Rivera, junior nursing major.

“It’s annoying. [The gym] has to be open. People need to use it,” Rivera said. “Not everyone is comfortable going to the big gym, and it’s more convenient to just go downstairs.”

The gym, however, is not the only place that is closed due to the construction. Several rooms are not available for students to live in.

“It was kind of frustrating. I walked into my room, and I didn’t even know it was under construction,” said Resident Assistant Delaney Fox. “Then I was asked if I could find someone to stay with for the night. So, I had to find a place to stay. They didn’t give me a place to stay [and] that was kind of frustrating.”

Although ventilation has been fixed in some of the rooms, they are still not ready for students to move into.

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