ERC Missions Made Available For Students

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The Evangelistic Resource Center (ERC) at Southern hosts many mission trips every year. The focus is to go into areas, preach the gospel and baptize new Christians. This year, ERC will be going to five different locations.

 There is a trip to the Dominican Republic for $1,100 over Spring Break. Trips to Argentina, Peru and Uganda will be after graduation and will cost from $1,300 and up. Summer mission trips will last about three weeks.

Students looking for a cheaper trip can consider staying domestic and going to New Jersey for $600 from May 13 through the 24th. 

During the mission trip, students need a laptop to access the sermons.Additionally, those who speak another language may have the opportunity to speak in that language. The sermons are also provided by the ERC so that students without experience in theology do not have to prepare sermons. 

The goal of these mission trips is to evangelize and baptize people, according to the ERC.  Last year, with only 112 speakers, there were 1,662 baptisms. The year before that had even more with 2,091 baptisms and only 111 speakers. In 2008, the ERC missions had only 87 speakers with a notable 4,561 baptisms, according to the ERC website.

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