Lynn H. Wood Archeological Museum opens new rare Bible exhibit


The Lynn H. Wood Archeological museum opened its new exhibit to the public last Wednesday, Jan. 15. “From Script to Scriptures” features a collection of rare Bibles and Christian books from different time periods. 

In celebration of the exhibit, invited guests attended a banquet, as well as a lecture, and received an exclusive tour of the display the day before its official opening. Professors, sponsors and members from the media were among the guests. 

“This is definitely a very special collection,” said exhibit research assistant Keldie Paroschi. “The selection of the books that we have here is amazing. Some of the books are very rare, and it’s very special for Southern to have that.” 

Among the collection is a portion of a Gutenberg Bible, a Waldensian Bible and a replica of the Breeches Bible. This is the first time the Lynn H. Wood Archeological Museum will have a display focusing on books and the first time the Seventh-day Adventist Church will have produced such a display, according to the School of Religion professor and museum curator Michael Hasel. 

Community members, alumni, students, faculty and staff have visited the exhibit since its opening. Some have expressed how the exhibit helped them learn more about God’s work throughout history. 

“It’s not just books, but it’s a history of what God has done for us,” graphic design alumnus and exhibit designer Caleb Cook said. “It’s a different way of looking at the history of the world; and, in a way, it’s a testament of what God is doing and can do for us.”  

The idea for the exhibit originated two years ago, during the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Now, the exhibit will remain open to the public for one and a half to two years. Hasel invites everyone to pay a visit. 

“It is our hope that students and faculty will be educated in the rich history of the Bible, the sacrifice and millions of lives lost in preserving its content over the centuries,” Hasel said. “It is also important for us to remember the principles upon which this great republic was founded: freedom of religion, freedom to worship God, and freedom of the tyranny and persecution suffered, for so many centuries, by Christians in other lands.” 

To find the museum’s hours go to Guests are asked not to take photos of the display.

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