#KickitKatie Bracelet


Students from different majors came together to support Katie Guild early last week. 

Guild, who is a sophomore Health Science major, was diagnosed with a cancerous mass on her heart late last year. 

A group of Guild’s friends created bracelets and cards, and set up a booth in the Student Center to bring awareness to Katie’s cancer. 

Despite only knowing Guild for a couple of months, her friends were motivated to do something to express their support for her during these difficult times. 

The students, who all met during speech class last semester, became really good friends from the beginning and have kept in touch with each other despite being from different majors.

Their tight bond motivated them to show their appreciation for Guild and share it with the campus by letting students write encouraging messages for her and distributing bracelets. 

“We found someone who was actually willing to donate wristbands,” said Sierra Anderson, sophomore nursing major, one of Guild’s close friends. “We made 400 wristbands and they are almost all gone.” 

The wristbands who have the hashtag #kickirkatie will continue to be distributed in the Student Center in the following weeks. 

“Katie is not the type of person you think of being sick, but she has been so strong through it,” said Anderson. “She really just asks everyone to support her with prayers.”

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