Records unveils new electronic “add/drop” form


Students were able to use a new electronic “add/drop” form for the first time during the early weeks of the 2020 winter semester.

Previously in order to alter one’s schedule after registration deadlines, students had to fill out a paper form and get an advisor, as well as course instructors, to sign the form which then had to be taken to Records.

Starting this semester, students had the option to instead go online to add or drop a class with the exception of a few specific courses, such as music lessons. Assistant Director of Records/Graduate Studies Michelle Younkin said about 100 students had used the new system as of the morning of Jan. 27, the last day to change classes.

“The biggest reason that we wanted to move it to a digital format was for the convenience of our students,” Younkin said, “Because it seems like it will be a lot easier to be on your phone, in your dorm room, anywhere where you are accessing a computer and typing in information, instead of having to hunt down each of your instructors for a signature and then your advisor for a signature.”

In order to help students and employees with the process, Records provided links to written step-by-step instructions as well as an informational video.

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