SA and Senate interview applicants via Zoom

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Only two weeks of classes remain and Southern Adventist University’s Student Association (SA) and Senate still have positions to fill for the upcoming school year.

“I imagine that so many potentially interested individuals are so involved in doing well with a new platform of study that next year is just not a priority,” said Dennis Negron, vice president of Student Development.

Student Media Editors

According to Negron, who meets with all applicants in a second round of interviews before they are hired, SA has not yet appointed editors for any of the student media positions. Applications have been received, but classes were moved online before all of the interviews could be completed.

“Using the Zoom online interface will be a first,” said School of Journalism and Communication professor, Stephen Ruf, who oversees the first round of Student Media Board interviews. “Obviously, it’s not our first choice but, under the circumstances, it’s the best thing we can do.”

According to Ruf, the media board interviewed two candidates today via Zoom, Thursday, April 23, one for Studio 4109’s Executive Producer, the other for Strawberry Festival Producer. The board plans to interview the remaining applicants and select the Accent Editor in Chief, Memories Editor, Studio 4109 Editor, and Strawberry Festival Director next week. 

Negron expressed his concern for how the late hiring of the Student Media Board will affect the appointees’ ability to assemble a team for next year, but he hopes that applicants are taking the initiative to talk to students on their own.

One question that always gets asked of candidates is, ‘Have you already started working on putting a team together, if you win?’” he said.


According to executive vice president for the 2020-2021 school year, Marcus Abejar, Senate applications closed on April 19. Seven returning senators were hired, but 13 seats remain unfilled as virtual interviews are still being conducted. There will be another opportunity for more applicants to interview in the fall.

“I am extremely confident that individuals who find themselves applying for a position of leadership have already taken the first step,” Abejar said. “We are all experiencing life very differently; and I see that there are still students who want to make a difference through Senate, even through all the hardships we are facing at this moment.”

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