Southern’s Enactus team places second in national competition

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For the third year in a row, the Southern Enactus team has placed second in itsleague of the Enactus United States National Exposition. Unlike previous times, this year’s competition took place online due to COVID-19. 

The Enactus United States National Exposition took place from May 6 to May 14. More than 40 chapters from various universities across the country joined the competition, which was originally supposed to take place in Kansas City, Missouri. 

In the new online format, each team had to present a 12-minute video showcasing the progress of its projects as well as an annual report documenting the total expenses, revenues, reach number and more. 

The Southern Enactus team had been working on four different projects this school year: Now Eye See, Higher Tech-Minded Ladies (HTML), Grow Create Share, Integrate Chattanooga and Bring It.
Enactus president and recent accounting graduate, James Brown, said transitioning online meant having to refocus some projects and strategies.
“We continued to have our weekly discussions through Zoom,” Brown said. “We tried to focus on wrapping up our projects and mainly finding ways to help local businesses in the area, or even individuals who might be struggling because of the coronavirus.” 

Besides preparing for the competition, the Enactus team also started laying groundwork for the next school year, according to Brown. 

“Everyone [on the team] stayed really engaged in the work,” said Michelle Doucoumos, Enactus advisor. “We didn’t lose anyone after the break. Everyone still did their part and put in the time to prepare for the competition and next year.”Incoming Enactus president Ashley Blake says the new team will be focusing on COVID-19 relief efforts.
“Enactus has started a summer intern position, … which will help us to further advance our planning and get a head start on the school year,” Blake said. “We have a lot of investigative work to do. We want Enactus to be at the forefront of helping our community next school year!”

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