Current Hamilton County mask mandate to end on September 8, Collegedale city to follow

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A health directive requiring masks/face coverings was issued for Hamilton County on July 10 and is set to remain in effect until Sept. 8. The city of Collegedale, which is under Hamilton County’s jurisdiction, is set to follow Hamilton County Health Department’s mask recommendation. 

According to an email sent by Hamilton County Health Department Administrator Becky Barnes, all of Hamilton County is under the mask mandate and no decision has been made at this time about extending the mask directive. As reported on the Hamilton County Health Department’s website, there are currently a total of 7,947 confirmed/probable COVID-19 cases and 75 deaths as of Aug. 31.

“It is important that people wear the mask properly to be effective, that is, completely covering the mouth and nose and fitting snugly against the sides of the face,” Barnes wrote in the email.

 Due to HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) rules, the Hamilton County Health Department does not notify Collegedale when there are positive cases of COVID-19 in city limits, according to Collegedale Mayor Katie Lamb. 

According to an email from Lamb, Collegedale will follow the health department’s recommendation. Additionally, she said Collegedale has taken various precautions due to the pandemic, such as limiting numbers of individuals allowed in courtrooms at any one time and placing recordings of city commission meetings online so Collegedale residents can keep up with what is happening in the city. “These precautions will remain in effect until it is no longer required by the Hamilton County Health Department,” Lamb wrote. “If the County Mayor lifts the mandate for Hamilton County, then most likely Collegedale would follow suit.”

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