What I wish someone had told me my freshman year at Southern

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If you are like most incoming freshmen, the transition to “college life” can be a stressful, chaotic process. Between meeting new types of people, being fully accountable for your classes, juggling assignments and figuring out your finances, it is almost certain to feel overwhelmed. However, you are not alone! 

As freshmen, most of your peers are most likely experiencing the same anxieties and worries that you are. It takes time and diligence to push yourself beyond the discomforts of your first year of college. But, the mental, physical and spiritual adjustments you make will lead to the inevitable growth that being a college student brings.

If I could tell the freshman version of myself three things, I would say:

  1. It’s okayand completely normalto not know if your major is for you. You still have time to figure it out. 
  2. It is possible to embrace your personality. Put yourself out there and be open to change without compromising who you truly are. It might not be easy, but it is possible.
  3. Be intentional with yourself. Prioritize your sleep, diet and mental health. If you take care of yourself properly, everything else will be much more bearable.

Here is what other students wish they knew their freshman year:

  1. Don’t waste your first six weeks of college hiding in your room. New experiences await you!

Lexi Dornburg, Sophomore, Nursing

  1. Don’t worry so much about what other people think. Half the time they feel the same way.

Emily Carvajal, Junior, Psychology

  1. Get involved. Don’t be afraid of other’s opinions, and make an effort to get to know new people.

Madison Reinschmidt, Sophomore, Mass Communication-Writing/Editing

  1. Meet as many people as possible. Go outside of your comfort zone, and don’t rush into a relationship.

Christina Robinson, May 2020 Alumna, Public Relations

  1. Chill outdon’t work yourself too hard. You actually can’t fill up every hour of your life with productivity.

Reyna Adame, Junior, Biology-Research

  1. It’s okay to change. You don’t have to fit into anyone else’s box of expectations for your life.

Kaitlyn Deaux, Sophomore, Social Work

  1. Stop caring what people will think of you and just live your life.

James Marshall, Junior, Health Science

  1. Go to class.

David Pelote, Sophomore, Physical Education

  1.  Make friends with the people in your classes right away (AT LEAST smile at them).

Nicole Sabot, Sophomore, Film and French

  1. Eat more plants.

Emily Black, May 2020 Alumna, Health Science 

  1. Appreciate the opportunities that Southern gives you and take full advantage! Push yourself!

Sariah Smith, Senior, Fine Arts

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