Food services implements ordering app, announces new eatery

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On Monday, Aug. 31, Food Services Director Teddy Kyriakidis updated students about new changes at Food Services, including an online food ordering app and additional eateries.

One of the most significant additions to Food Services this semester is the CBORD GET app. The new app allows students to order and pay for food online with their meal plans or credit cards. Through the app, students can also look at transaction history for various food venues on campus.

KR’s, located in the Student Center, and the Kayak, located in Hulsey Wellness Center, are two locations where students can try the new ordering option. Kyriakidis said that the Village Market and the Dining Hall will feature the same technology within the next few weeks.

Students can order food through the app and expect their meals to be prepared and ready upon arrival. This option allows students to bypass crowds and reduces the risk of exposure to others, according to Kyriakidis. 

Kyriakidis also announced a future eatery location, SA Outdoor Kitchen. This additional eatery will be located on the promenade and feature limited grab-n-go options for students as they head to class. 

Along with the new eatery, the Dining Hall is including an express lane where students can only purchase prepackaged food. Kyriakidis hopes such changes will offer more options and adjustability for this unique semester. 

With all of the new modifications made by Food Services, many students have been vocal regarding how they feel about the updates. After some students voiced their disapproval of pre-boxed meals, the Dining Hall returned to self-service using the AeroGlove system to create safer serving options.

Senior elementary education major Giselle Velasquez is overwhelmed by the many modifications happening this semester. However, she is more than willing to acclimate to the changes if it means creating a safer environment on campus.

“Since we are living in the midst of a pandemic, this is going to be an experimental semester for most colleges,” Velasquez said. “Many modifications and changes are likely to be made. It’s expected. I hope that students will continue to work with administration in order to make this campus a safer place.”

Kyriakidis notes that while all of these changes are planned to occur during the next few weeks, some arrangements are still pending. Students should regularly check their emails for additional changes to come.

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