How to bring your Pinterest fashion board to life


Do you have a Pinterest board dedicated to the style you wish was in your closet? Maybe you don’t think you can afford the same aesthetic that you see as you scroll through your feed. Even though you want to, maybe you don’t believe that you can “pull off” the looks that you find yourself repinning. Having style doesn’t need to be intimidating, expensive or difficult. With a little time and attention, you’ll make your fashion dreams a reality.

  1. Deep clean your closet.

In order to make space for fresher pieces, you need to get rid of clothes that no longer serve you. If you haven’t touched it in over a year or if it no longer fits, don’t be afraid to set it aside. You can either donate these unwanted clothes to a local thrift store, sell them online or give them away to your friends.You would be surprised by what other people want and the extra cash you can make!

  1. Work with what you already have to see what you actually need.

Compare the clothes you have kept to the outfits you see online and look for similarities. Often, you will find that while the clothes are not identical, you already have some of the items you see in the pictures. By knowing what you have and referencing your Pinterest board for what you want, you will pinpoint what needs to be added to your closet.

  1. Go thrift shopping.

Patience is key. Thrifting can bring originality and quality to your wardrobe in a way that shopping elsewhere cannot. Slowly buying clothes that fit your new aesthetic, cost a reasonable price and make you feel confident is a wiser approach than impulsively shopping at retail stores. You’re not going to find a whole new wardrobe in one shopping trip, and you shouldn’t expect to. Developing your new style takes time and often multiple trips to different thrift stores.

  1. Push yourself out of your fashion comfort zone and realize that confidence is the best accessory.

Your new outfits will not look like what you are used to wearing, but that is the whole point! If you are feeling insecure about an outfit or afraid that people think you are trying too hard, remember why you started this journey in the first place. Fashion is an expression of your own personal taste and style, and ultimately it doesn’t matter whether or not you match the exact look of your Pinterest board. What matters is that you feel confident in your skin, and the clothes on your back should help you feel that way.

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