Playoff basketball is back!


Written by Davy Ondrejka

It might be strange seeing virtual fans sitting in chairs with face cams instead of a roaring audience of super fans filling the stands, but at least basketball is back. 

In the East, Toronto, Boston and Miami all swept their opponents in round one. Milwaukee came close with a gentleman’s sweep giving up one game to the Orlando Magic. Boston may have won the first two games of round two, but Toronto quickly answered with back-to-back wins themselves. This matchup is looking like it will come down to game seven. The Heat won seven in a row before losing to Milwaukee to gain a 3-1 lead. Reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo left with an ankle injury. No team has ever come back down 3-0 yet.

In the West, it seemed as though Portland might have a chance at upsetting the one seed the L.A. Lakers. In game one, Portland put on a show beating the Lakers 100-93. This loss seemed to be the wake-up call LeBron needed. Averaging 28.5 PPG and nearly a triple double for the next four games helped the Lakers knock out the Trailblazers in five games. Rockets vs. Thunder and Nuggets vs. Jazz were the two series to watch with both going to a game seven. It looked bleak at first for the Thunder, losing the first two games, but they stormed back. With it coming down to the wire, the Rockets snuck out a win by just two points in game seven. Elsewhere, Jazz took a commanding lead over the Nuggets. Down 3-1, Jamal Murry dropped 50 points in game four, 42 in game five and 50 again in game six, forcing a game seven. His performance led the Nuggets forward.

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