NFL Week 2 Rounds Out In Style

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Week 2 of the NFL kicked off with very few fans at Paul Brown Stadium to watch Browns vs. Bengals. On Thursday Night Football, the Baker Mayfield-led Browns took the win by five points, but rookie Bengals QB Joe Burrow also played extremely well with 316 yards and three touchdowns on the night. The Bengals were only an onside kick recovery away from possibly coming back.

On Sunday, teams like the Steelers and Titans were able to win to go to 2-0. In Chicago, the Bears’ defense bailed out Mitch Trubisky’s inconsistencies. In Green Bay, the Packers won big against the Detroit Lions. Also among those winning big in Week 2 were the 49ers, Rams and Ravens, winning by an average of 18 points between those three games.

Week 2 saw a few close games as well. The Chiefs managed to win by a field goal in Los Angeles. In this game, the Chargers had a chance to score first in OT, but the Chiefs were the ones to finish the game off. Another great game to watch was the Falcons vs. Cowboys. Dallas started the game with three fumbles in the first half while Atlanta enjoyed a lead of 29-10. As it turned out, 29-10 was not too different from 21-3, and the Cowboys were able to come back and win the game by a field goal.

The Patriots and Seahawks put on a very entertaining show on Sunday night, with Seattle’s defense preventing Cam Newton from scoring a game-winning touchdown with no time left. Also, among those winning in Week 2 were the Bucs, Bills, Colts and Cardinals.

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