School of Music navigates ways to host performances

Steel Drum (Josh)

As Southern Adventist University continues its fifth week of classes, the Music Department is still determining how to continue performances. Due to the recent removal of both worship and cultural credits, a major incentive for students to attend certain performances, organizers predict audiences may also dwindle. 

Ken Parsons, a professor in the School of Music, said performances held this semester will depend on the policy of the Collegedale Church of Seventh-day Adventists. 

“We’re not really doing a lot, partially because we don’t know what the church’s policy is going to be on allowing the public [into the sanctuary],” Parsons said. 

The Collegedale Church of Seventh-day Adventists restarted its in-church services on Saturday, Sept. 12, but has not released any guidelines regarding public performances. 

However, practice has continued with 10 feet distancing for the choir. Special masks have been made for playing wind instruments and the upcoming Pops Concert will be held at Goliath Wall.

According to Parsons, this is why performances haven’t been advertised. He said they will be livestreamed so people can tune in and listen. However, he also realizes that some students may not do that because there isn’t credit.

“I think [that only] students who have a genuine interest will take the time to do that,” Parsons said.

Junior music major Bailey Krall said she thinks seniors in her department will be affected the most because only faculty and family will be allowed to attend their recitals.

“Your senior recital is kind of like the culmination of your whole experience at Southern,” Krall said. “And not even just at Southern, but the years that you’ve spent practicing and preparing…We really put a lot of time into practicing and preparing, and it’s really special to be able to share it.” 

Junior music major Erica Robinson said that while there may be difficulties going forward, being able to still play music is wonderful.

“I love that everyday when I come to the music building, there’s music coming from all corners of the building,” Robinson said. “It’s one of the most special feelings, and I’m very happy to be back and happy that we can make music together.”

Josh Vollberg and Caitlin Jones wear masks as they practice for their
steel drum class.
Photo courtesy by Xander Ordinola.

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