To Vote or Not to Vote?


This year’s presidential election has had intense and world-changing events leading up to it, and it seems that the stakes are higher than ever. Southern Adventist University and many other colleges are encouraging students to exercise their right to vote. However, students continue to hold their own opinions on the matter.

A recent poll performed on the Accent’s Instagram account asked “Will you be voting in this year’s presidential election?” Out of 233 students who voted, 191 voted yes while 42 voted no. 

When asked why, many students pointed to our current president, Donald Trump, as a primary reason for why it’s so urgent that everyone vote on Nov. 3. 

“We literally can’t afford for Trump to go through another term,” said Yaretzy Almaraz, a sophomore nursing major. 

Others who responded in favor of voting emphasized the important role that young people play in politics, especially in the election. 

“I didn’t start thinking about politics until this presidency,” said Lila Odhiambo, a sophomore mass communication major. “And I know for a fact that I, and others in Gen Z, have recognized that we need change, and [that] our voices matter. From the way 2020 has been going, I think Gen Z has started to realize the importance of voting and how much of a difference our votes could make.”

Forty-two students voted that they did not intend on exercising their right to vote in the upcoming election. 

“Personally, I think that knowing where this country is heading based on the Bible, I should just pray for God’s leading, but I don’t have to vote,” said Jeremiah Samuel, a senior theology major. “God is the One who sets leaders up and takes them down. I think I can be confident that He’ll put the person who needs to be president in office if I don’t vote. I’m not saying that voting is wrong or that we as Adventists shouldn’t vote, but I do think that we’re not obligated to.”

Nov. 3 is coming up fast. There are different sides to every story, and the side you choose in this one may decide the fate for the entire country. Whether you choose to vote or not, we should all do our best to educate ourselves and to keep up with the relevant and ever-changing political topics in the United States. 

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