LAC celebrates Latin American Heritage Month: A review of the plans

LAC Stand (L-R_ Fermin Siberon and Marco Swaisgood)

In past years, Southern Adventist University’s Latin American Club (LAC) concluded Latin American Heritage Month with LAC night — a night consisting of various Latino foods, cultural performances and activities. Due to this semester’s COVID-19 restrictions and the amount of  precautions it takes to put on an event, LAC has decided not to host in-person events, including LAC night, this fall. 

While losing the aspect of gathering together for events this semester, LAC is still proposing meaningful ways of connecting its members. Through their online presence, LAC encourages their members to participate in weekly activities such as giveaways and raffles on social media. Last week, LAC also invited students to the promenade to purchase tostadas with a grab-n-go system to encourage students to social distance. 

According to LAC Vice President Joel Guerra, LAC officers were satisfied with not having to host LAC night this semester. 

“There was no way that we would be able to plan something in August and September before the event in October,” Guerra said. “So, we were actually pretty okay with giving up the ability to have the event during Hispanic Heritage Month. We didn’t want to put on something that wasn’t up to our level of expectation.” 

Instead of concluding Latin American Heritage Month on LAC night this fall, LAC will postpone the event until January 2021. 

“Latinos are known for being hard working and not giving up when there’s adversity…so we knew that we still had to put on something for our members,” Guerra said. 

Postponing the event will allow LAC officers more time to discover the best way to integrate LAC night with COVID-19 regulations. 

“We’re working hard to create something that all the members are going to love and that everyone can participate in while still meeting the precautions we have to take for the pandemic,” Guerra said. 

According to Guerra, LAC Night may feature two one-hour sessions in order to limit capacity. Food may be delivered, but likely through a grab-n-go system. Planning for LAC Night is still in the works and decisions have not been made final. Because of the many COVID-19 regulations and the lack of in-person events this year, LAC officers understand the doubts many students have about how entertaining this year’s events can actually be. 

However, Guerra remains hopeful about the turnout of such events. 

“I think members will love it [LAC Night],” Guerra said. “We’re doing something that ‘s gonna bring back a lot of nostalgia for a lot of people that grew up in Latin American households. Expect a lot of fun, a lot of dancing and a big theme about connecting different generations of families together.”

Fermin Siberon receives tostadas from Marco Swaisgood. To celebrate Latin American Heritage month LAC gave out this meal for free to club members.
Photo by Xander Ordinola.

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