LIVING LATINX: What students on campus love about their culture


There is no doubt that the customs and cultures that surround us growing up directly affect the lifestyles we live today. This month, we are highlighting what students who grew up as a part of the Latino culture appreciate the most and how that upbringing  is reflected in their lives today. We asked our Latino students here at Southern what they love about their backgrounds, and this is what they said:

What do you appreciate most about your heritage and culture?

The huge diversity of food within Latino culture. The amazing food. The food. The food. The food.

  • Miranda Delgado, Puerto Rican and Dominican
  • Gabi Mendonca, Brazilian
  • Emily Carajal, Dominican and Colombian 
  • Rafael Dimenza, Ecuadorian 
  • Benjamin Williams, Dominican

The closeness and importance of family! 

  • Dolly Berko, Brazillian
  • Shayla Moguel-Coronel, Mexican 
  • Kailie Taiña

How close knit everyone is & the generosity of our culture.

  • Florence Philips, Argentinean

The strength, dedication and perseverance that I see in my grandparents and my great-grandparents.

  • Reyna Adame, Mexican

What are some of your favorite traditions that you/your family practice?

For Christmas, we go around to neighbors’ houses, sing and eat their food until 3 a.m.

  • Miranda Delgado, Puerto Rican and Dominican 

Coming together to watch soccer games!

  • Dolly Berko, Brazillian 

Always hanging out, being loud and enjoying each other’s company.

  • Gabi Mendonca, Brazilian 

Getting together on holidays!

  • Emily Carajal, Dominican and Colombian

In my house, we have Spanish Music Sundays. When we wake up and hear the music, we know it’s time to clean.

  • Maryann Pino, Ecuadorian 

What habits of your life today are directly tied to your upbringing/background?

My sense of rhythm and music and my protective nature.

  • Benjamin Williams, Dominican 

No shoes in the house! Also, always offering to help when you’re in someone else’s home.

  • Gabi Mendonca, Brazilian 

Being very grateful for your food.

  • Maryann Pino, Ecuadorian

Putting pans in the oven.

  • Gabrieli Garcia, Mexican and Dominican

Saying medicine names in Spanish.

  • Angelica Acevedo, Puerto Rican 

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