Students react to administration’s decision to extend Christmas break and shorten Spring

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Last week, the Southern Accent announced the extension of Christmas break and shortening of Spring break via an Instagram post. The post received comments from many students sharing their opinions about  the decision.

In a poll posted on the Southern Accent’s Instagram account, we asked students if they agreed with the administration’s decision. Twenty-eight percent  (79 people) said yes and 72% (206 people) said no. 

According to Vice President of Student Development Dennis Negron, administration was faced with the challenge of meeting student desires while also maintaining the safety of the campus. Additionally, he shared insight as to  why the decision was ultimately made. 

“So far what we have learned is that virtually every single case of a positive test for COVID-19 was brought onto our campus from off campus.” Negron said. “Breaks are the types of events that all universities are wrestling with because they know some students are likely to return having contracted the virus somewhere else.”

Students’ comments

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