Theology Student Drops New Album: ‘Dia y Noche’


Cristian Sorto, a senior theology major, dropped a new worship music album last week. Having previously released music, Sorto said the album is a goal fulfilled. 

“This project was something that I’ve been working on these past four years that I’ve been in college,” Sorto said.

The album, titled “Dia y Noche,” can be found on any of the main music streaming platforms, including Spotify, iTunes and YouTube. It contains nine worship songs in Spanish and  two in English.

“When I was in high school, there was a song that I was able to write with a good friend of mine,” Sorto said. “That song was just so impactful to me, and it’s in the album. It’s called ‘Desire,’ and we made a Spanish version that I translated and called ‘Anhelo.’ And that was like the foundation for the album.”

Sorto was born in Boston and raised in Atlanta by El Salvadoran parents. He grew up in an Adventist church, where his family was very active. During that time, it was his older brother who fueled his musical ambition.

“[When] my brother started singing, I wanted to sing,” he said. “From there, I started developing my relationship with God. And doing music is where I was always able to connect with God and grow my relationship.”

Sorto said he wanted to make music that would not only impact the Latin American community, but also people who don’t speak Spanish. He wanted the songs to reach people spiritually.

“If one song can reach the right person at the right time, then that’s enough for me…to say, ‘I’m going to continue making music. I’m going to continue to write and release things,’” Sorto said. “Because maybe my sermon isn’t going to reach that person. But if my sermon doesn’t, then I know a song that I wrote, a song that I produced…can reach them.”

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