NFL Quarterbacks wrestle for the MVP title

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After five weeks of the NFL, we have seen what most teams are made of. And of those teams, we have seen which individuals have stood out the most. It’s still early, but MVP discussions are already taking place. The obvious front runners for this race typically come from quarterbacks. This year is no exception, with three QBs that have outperformed the rest. 

The front runners include Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson, Buffalo Bills Josh Allen and Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers. These three, right out the gate, have been putting up huge numbers and have kept their teams to almost perfect records.

Wilson seems to be winning the race so far with a perfect record and an offense that seems totally unstoppable. If Wilson can keep up this pace and win MVP, it would be his first of what could be called many deserving years as MVP.

However, Allen is no joke. This year, he and the Buffalo Bills have come to play. His completion rate is in the upper 70% for the year. For such a young guy, to be able to lead his team to victory night after night while putting up the numbers that he has is such a welcoming sight for Bills fans.

Yet, we all know what Rodgers is capable of with a long and impressive resume, including two MVPs. If there is anyone who knows how to be the league’s most valuable player, it’s Rodgers. Whether it’s his ability to throw off defenses with his hard counts and audibles or throwing perfect dimes to undrafted receivers, Rodgers is always putting on a show.

 It’s still a close race. And, who knows, in a few weeks a newcomer might emerge as a front runner for the MVP title of the 2020-2021 season. It’s a long season and things can often change quickly. If things remain the same, though, we could see a first-time MVP in the form of Josh Allen or Russell Wilson. 

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