Homecoming Weekend brings new opportunities for students

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For the first time since its creation in 1957, Alumni Homecoming Weekend will be primarily on a virtual platform, beginning on Oct. 30. 

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Ashley Fox said that the upcoming Homecoming Weekend will be a new opportunity for connections.

“Part of my role is to find opportunities to connect the Southern family,” Fox said. “We love to bring students and alumni together. And so we’re looking for new opportunities to bring the Southern family together.”

According to Fox, some of those opportunities for students to network with alumni will include virtual academic open houses, which will be hosted by the School of Nursing, Math Department and Chemistry Department.

“This is going to be an opportunity where students can participate. I think it potentially could be a really great networking opportunity,” Fox said. “So I would really encourage students—if their academic department is hosting one of these open houses—to check it out. They’re an hour long. Some are on Friday. Some are on Saturday, and it could be a really great opportunity to meet a mentor.”

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