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As it stands, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr., has been elected as the 46th President of the United States. And, along with his nomination comes multiple historic milestones for the presidency. Upon being inaugurated at the age of 78, Biden will immediately become the oldest sitting president our country has ever had. Senator Kamala Harris is set to become the first woman vice president, an office that has been dominated by males since its inception nearly 230 years ago. 

The Biden-Harris administration has secured the four years in the White House; that is nearly certain. But what this new leadership means for the American people is much less defined. To find answers to our uncertainty, we must first look at President Donald Trump and what his administration has left America. 

Trump’s 2016 presidential victory brought quite a change to the White House. As a media personality, real estate developer and business mogul, Trump’s lack of political experience was not of importance to his supporters, as many feel he has brought back a voice to the hardworking, patriotic middle-class Americans. Trump has built a better nation for Americans, but only his voter base of core conservatives will openly admit this. For a president who has the best intentions for the United States, the more liberal side of America has largely dismissed Trump’s actions and rhetoric as being far too nationalist for the good of society. 

This is what has brought us to Biden, who is by and large a fan favorite of the Democratic party. Biden gained large support from his party for being the “most electable” person in a presidential bid against Trump. This plan has left the Democrats successful in their fight for the Executive Branch, but Biden’s strategy of not stepping on anybody’s toes has left America with many questions regarding definitive policies that his administration will seek to enact. His nearly half century of public service does not provide much insight either, other than having largely proved himself to be an “average Joe.” 

Although there may be no great dazzle or shine to Biden, this is what the American people have voted for. In the midst of a worldwide pandemic and a country that is more divided than ever, America has chosen a candidate with a record of being a steady, safe and level person. And that is all Biden needs to be. In four years, when Biden’s term in office is complete, he does not need to be remembered for anything other than holding the ship steady. By doing so, Biden can optimistically allow for the country to begin mending its fractures and healing its wounds of division. So, regardless of political affiliation, let us put our trust and support in our next president to continue the mission of making America great again by extending unity and harmony to both sides of the isle.

Written by Braden Knapp

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