Collegedale fills remaining seats for commission

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With the ballots cast and counted, the three incumbent Collegedale Commissioners—Katie Lamb, Debbie Baker and Tim Johnson—have been voted back into office to serve another four years on  the Collegedale Commission. 

According to the Hamilton County Election Commission, the unofficial results report that Lamb received 1,739 votes, Baker received 1,659 votes and Johnson received 1,510 votes. 

The four other candidates fell short of receiving the votes needed to claim a commission seat.

Alexander Brown received 1,294 votes, Johnnie Hoskins received 1,207, Christopher Twombley received 1,184 and Matthew Sadler received 1,126 votes, according to the Hamilton County unofficial election results. 

Commissioner Lamb and Commissioner Baker said they are looking forward to serving Collegedale for another four years.

“I appreciate the citizens of Collegedale voting for me to continue serving on the city commission,” Lamb said. “It is my goal to serve each one to the best of my ability and ensure Collegedale remains a great place to live and raise a family.”

Commissioner Baker also expressed her gratitude for the ability to serve again.

“I am very honored the citizens have put their trust in me. I love our citizens and the community in which we live,” Baker said. “I will continue to do all I can to represent the needs [and] desires of everyone. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you.”

During his campaign, Commissioner Johnson had multiple projects he wanted to fulfill if re-elected. Now that he is re-elected, he looks forward to bringing those projects to completion. 

“I am thankful that the citizens of Collegedale trusted in me and voted for my re-election,” Johnson said. “Many citizens stood in line for a couple of hours to exercise their right to vote, [for] which I am very grateful. I am excited and looking forward to the next four years and working with our community.”

Commissioner Johnson said he has already started conversations with city staff about the Greenway extensions.

According to the City of Collegedale website, the five Collegedale commissioners elect among themselves a mayor and vice mayor to serve two-year terms until the next election. 

Once the votes have been ratified and made official, the commissioners will then elect the new mayor and vice mayor. The ratification of votes usually takes 15 days from Election Day. The voting for Collegedale mayor and vice mayor will be on Dec. 7, according to Bridgett Raper, strategist for the Small Cities Coalition of Hamilton County.

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