Student business aims to bring joy to others through creations

Casey Creations

Senior education major Casey Goldring hopes to bring joy to people through her business, Creations by Casey. Goldring’s business features products she creates and designs such as t-shirts, totes, prints and stickers.

Goldring started her business when her friend’s mom saw her illustration and encouraged her to make her art into a screen print. Goldring took the advice and ended up printing her illustration on a t-shirt. 

“I started a business freshman year where someone brought me their plain t-shirt, and I [printed] on it for $10,” Goldring said. “If it hadn’t been for a few key people in my freshman year who empowered me to sell my work, I probably wouldn’t have the confidence I have now to keep doing it in different capacities.” 

Both Goldring’s roommate and boyfriend have consistently encouraged her to expand her business. Goldring said she sometimes feels out of placebut is grateful to have friends that support her to combat the negative thoughts. She also continues to be inspired whenever she sees people wearing her t-shirts around campus.

 Goldring saw an opportunity to promote her work during 423 Night Market. Although she was away as a student missionary and missed the first event in the Winter Semester of 2019, she joined the following semester. 

“When I came back, I was so ready to do it,” Goldring said. “I started printing out t-shirts, printing stickers and tote bags.” 

As Goldring progressed in her business, she became interested in natural dyes. She  uses material such as walnuts, berries, cabbage, beets, onions and avocado skins and pits. Goldring owns a screen machine that allows her more efficiently. 

“When I first started using natural dyes, I wanted to utilize food that would usually go to waste,” Goldring said. “Some people may think the versatility of the results are frustrating. … But I love how each product is completely unique.” 

Most of the money from her sales go back into her business with a margin of the profits going into her savings. Goldring’s goal now is to expand her business’ presence on social media.

“I’d love to expand on more platforms and grow my following and engagement,” Goldring said. “But with my school and regular job, it can be difficult to prioritize my artwork and business.” 

 In the future, Goldring would love to continue creating and selling art full-time along with her freelance work. She would also like to use her skills in her career as a teacher. 

“Another dream of mine is to merge my creative talents with my passion for kids by teaching art with a nonprofit in school districts without funding for art programs,” Goldring said.

Casey Goldring poses in front of the camera with one of her tote bags. Golrding makes her art out of natural dyes.  Photo by Xander Ordinola. 

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