Latin American Club announces LAC Night


Earlier this semester, the Latin American Club (LAC) announced the cancellation of its events for the fall semester. The club’s cultural event, LAC Night, was then moved to Winter 2021.

This year’s LAC Night theme is “Sabado Gigante,” uniting the generations. According to LAC Night Director Marco Swaisgood, the night centers around a girl who initially doesn’t have a well rounded appreciation for her culture. But as the night progresses, she learns the importance of her culture with the help of her family. 

“[Students] can expect live singing, dancing and Miss Latinoamérica,” Swaisgood said, “… as well as a pre-recorded telenovela segment and a fútbol music video featuring some of Southern’s own futsal players as well as Latin Americans proud of their heritage.” 

Sophomore mass communication-photography major Xander Ordinola is in charge of the pre-recorded videos for LAC Night. According to Ordinola, as of now, there are four such recordings. 

“The main thing students can expect is that due to COVID policies the actors will be wearing masks in scenes that wouldn’t normally make sense for the story,” Ordinola said. “I do feel like we will have everything done and to the best of our ability despite all the chaos.”

Aside from the show, food is usually the highlight of LAC Night. The food this year will be prepackaged and served in small to-go boxes handed out at the end of the event for people to take with them after the show has ended, according to Swaisgood. 

Following Southern’s COVID-19 guidelines, there will be two live shows in Iles Gym. The events will be back-to-back in order to maximize the number of people that get to watch the live performances, according to Swaisgood. 
For more information and upcoming announcements, follow LAC on instagram @sau_lac.

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