Careers, Passion and Ministry

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He asked the question while we were sitting in a circle in my friend’s living room for vespers. “How can I blend my career goals with my faith?” I can’t exactly say that the room exploded with answers. No, to be honest there was a thoughtful silence that muffled all the thoughts that raced through our heads. I’ve been there, am there and I think I will always be there asking that question. 

Lately, I’ve been wondering how page-long equations and whether a proof is valid or not can ever be used to further God’s love.  But then I go for a walk, feel the wind through my hair, hear the crunch of the leaves under me and see the trees. They are bare now, but they will be green, alive and beautiful when spring causes them to bud. I marvel at the wonder of God’s creations. 

Just like a tree needs roots, a trunk, branches, sap and leaves to be a healthy tree,every part has a purpose and is important in God’s handiwork. 

God must be a God of variety, creativity and purpose. Regardless of our career, if we make God our priority and share His love with the people around us, we can be a blessing. I think we should embrace the gifts that He has given us and develop them for Him instead of trying to fit a mold of “ministry” careers. 

For example: The first Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) colporteur, George King, at first tried to be a preacher, but he was a terrible public speaker. So he decided to use his talent of making one-on-one friends to sell Christian books and give Bible studies. Because of his initial failure at public speaking, the SDA church has a thriving literature evangelist ministry, and countless people have fallen in love with Jesus through this ministry. 

Imagine how many other unique ways there are to share the gospel that only we as individuals can carry out. I think if we use the talents God has given us, whether it be writing, programming, painting, listening or any other skill we have, God can use them if we’re willing. After all, He’s the one that created us with our talents and passions, and I imagine He must have had a master plan in how we could use them when He breathed life into us.

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