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Written by Kalista Cartagena

Intramurals is a sports-based program designed to give every student the opportunity to be active and socialize. It creates unity among the student body and allows us to utilize our passions. 

Personally, I have always been very active and competitive. It gives me a form of escape and allows me to release stress and anxiety. A basketball coach once told me “freedom is found on the court.” We all have our passions that make us feel so alive. 

For some, it is music, writing or creative expression. For others, it’s lifting heavier or running faster. It’s so important that we let out our pain and not let it consume us. So many students struggle with mental health because they feel trapped in a cycle of emotional and mental stress. Intramurals provide opportunities for students to find a healthy escape.

By taking the proper precautionary measures, I believe that we can safely compete in the intramurals program. We still risk getting COVID-19 because we are expected to attend class and obtain enrichment credits. Those who participate in intramurals are aware of the risks and have the responsibility to act in accordance with the COVID-19 safety guidelines. 

Sports doesn’t just affect our bodies, it enhances our minds and fuels our souls. It gives us freedom from our mental pain and release from academic stress. Our passions will always be an escape. And for most of us, that escape is what makes us feel most alive.

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