Volunteering as a firefighter

Ashley Johnson
Sophomore nursing major Ashley Johnson volunteers at the local fire department, which is volunteer only. Part of her job is to go around to each truck, inspecting all equipment to ensure that all the correct supplies and amounts are ready for when a call is placed. Depending on the type of call, she and another volunteer who can operate the  vehicle (someone over 21) will use either the fire truck or the medical truck to respond. When there are no calls, and after all of the supplies have been checked, it is not  uncommon for Johnson to do homework.
Ashley Johnson takes coworker’s blood pressure as part of her job. 
Aside from checking the oxygen tank itself, Johnson ensures the integrity of the straps  
so it does not fall during a call.
Johnson searches through the supply box to ensure the correct amount of items are there.
Johnson checks the oxygen bag in the medical bag. Aside from ensuring there are  
enough supplies, she must also confirm that all the equipment is working properly. 

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