LAC Night Pictorial Feature

Joshua Pongstiphon delivers the final flip for the end of the first dancer’s sequence. The dance team practiced this routine since October. “I’m from a Brazilian family so I got a lot of inspiration from my upbringing” said choreographer Tori Waegele.
The Banderas family celebrates after winning the game show on Sabado Gigante.
Miss LAC winner Ari Rodriguez curtsies the crowd after being crowned. Each show had its own set of contestants and the winner of the second show was Mariana Velasquez.
El Sason, a band made of Southern students, hypes up the audience with Latin songs.
Los Niños follow the first dancers and present their own choreograph for the competition. This style was more influenced by modern hip-hop dance.
Performers of the show enjoy the program from backstage.
Migdalice Ramos, Josh Tumundo, Katherine Chavez sing “A La Nanita Nana,” prior to the start of LAC Night.

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