BCU Night: Everything you need to know

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Black Christian Union (BCU) Night is set to take place on Saturday night, March 6, at 8 p.m. The event, titled “The Color of Love,” has been long anticipated and has been in the works for quite awhile, according to BCU President and senior health science major Georges Ambroise. 

“The theme [this year] is ‘The Color of Love’,” Ambroise said. “And what makes it unique is that we’ll be talking about an interracial relationship while we add in some of the things that are going on in society right now. Especially last year with the [Black Lives Matter] movement and everything that’s been going on, we’re really trying to put that in our story this year.”

Ambroise said BCU has been brainstorming, planning and writing the script for  the event since the summer of 2020.

BCU Vice President Jedlee Germeil, a senior business administration and public relations major, said he had to work through some of the difficulties that COVID-19 brought.

“This year, we decided to do a lot more filming than we would do in past years,” Germeil said. “We can transfer from a whole play on stage rather than having an open stage, and try to transition to some films and having them on the screen, just so we make sure we’re going through all the COVID protocols.”

As for how the event will be run, Ambroise said there will likely be one service with the possibility of required RSVPs. 

“I feel like the crowd will be hyped,” Ambroise said. “After watching all the practices, I’m hyped … Be there — there’s going to be good music, good performances, a good script and you’ll get something out of it.”

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