Hulsey installs brand new strength machines and workout equipment

Hulsey (2)

Written by: Aaron Mumu

The workout equipment on Hulsey Wellness Center’s fitness floor is being replaced this month. The fitness center is set to receive 20 new strength machines along with two power racks, eight benches and 525 pounds of plates.

Already, Hulsey has received 15 new strength machines, eight of them being selectorized machines. Hulsey also expects five more strength machines to arrive this week, Feb. 19 to Feb. 26. Since the arrivals this semester, students have expressed excitement for the new workout equipment.

“You feel the weight a lot more intensely,”  said Harold Carvajal senior business administration major, referring to the strength machines in the gym. “I think there might be less pulleys than before to distribute the weight.”

Hulsey management found it difficult to continue replacing parts for the strength equipment, as the previous strength machines in Hulsey were around 12-and-a-half years old. According to Darin Bissel, the facilities manager for Hulsey, the cardio equipment will usually last seven to 10 years, while strength equipment will last 10 years or more. 

“The old equipment was usable, but they all had their flaws,” said Julianna Alamo, junior health science major. 

Bissel hopes all the strength machines will be replaced by the summer of 2021.

“Once everything has been replaced it’ll be about $80,000 to $90,000 for equipment itself, freight charges, delivery and installation,” Bissel said.

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