Intramurals begin live streaming games

Livestream Intramurals (1)

For the first time since Southern’s intramurals program began, games are being live streamed.  Currently being used for basketball season, people can now go to a link and watch the games.

Intramurals Director and Associate Professor Troy Walker said the live stream was started to accommodate the limited number of spectators allowed in the gym during intramurals. 

“We kind of played with it during the volleyball playoffs to get a feel for how it would work,” Walker said. “And we also live streamed some of the 3-on-3 volleyball tournaments that happened right before volleyball playoffs.”

Walker explained that because of limited resources, the intramurals staff can only livestream Court 1 for the time being. 

“Right now, we don’t have the infrastructure or the personnel or the equipment to livestream more than one game at a time,” Walker said. “Now that would be a pretty big undertaking. So, I think that we have to play that by ear and see how long this COVID situation lasts and go from there.”

Parents were notified of the live streaming through a parent e-newsletter and are now able to watch and support their children even though they aren’t there in person. 

If someone is unable to view the live stream in real time, they can search the archived streams and watch it later.

“The fact that it’s archived makes it easier for people to watch later if they can’t watch because they’re working or whatever,” Walker said. “The players can go back and watch their own games back again. They can learn things from it and see what they can improve on and what they did well.”

The links to the live streams for the basketball games can currently be found on “Intramurals at Southern Adventist University” Facebook page.

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