Student Spotlight: Andrew Hansbury

Andrew Hansbury (6) (2)
Andrew Hansbury, junior computer science major, creates his own music in his spare time. He grew up playing piano in a classical style. As he grew older, he explored other types of music and began to create his own. In addition to making music, he plays for Merge and other church services as well as various school functions such as 423 Night Market. Due to performing, creating music is sometimes forced to take a sideline.
Hansbury gets assistance from Tristan DesChamps while creating music.
Hansbury plays the piano to find the initial notes of the song.
The microphone that Hansbury uses to record lyrics. he used it later, but ultimately decided not to include lyrics.
Hansbury and his setup for creating music. The piano was connected to the program on the computer so he could easily record the notes he plays.

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