Written by Isabella Eklund

While it is understandable that it is truly impossible to maintain every promise made during one’s presidency campaign, President Biden’s recent treatment of immigrants is nothing short of failure. He promised that within his first 100 days in office there would be no deportations of immigrants. Alas, in merely a month, there have been hundreds. 

Biden has done some good things as a president, but what the public may call “good” should really simply be rephrased as “the bare minimum.” His best deeds so far have been unraveling the mess left by impeached President Donald Trump, which is more of a credit to Biden’s ability to uphold common sense rather than a “good deed.” A “good deed” would be holding true to the promises he made to the immigrants that come to the United States with hope. It is nothing short of cruel to lie to a vulnerable population for the sake of a vote. 

It is understandable that Biden is no different from any other president before him . However, I do not think that Biden is necessarily a bad person who hopes to manipulate the masses. Rather, I think that his ability to mislead people will deny him being credited as an honest man. It is dishonest to make promises that he knows he cannot keep. It is not honest to claim to be the candidate dedicated to supporting immigrants while knowing that the promise he made would never have been supported by the federal judge. Instead of promising that within his first 100 days that deportations would end, he should have shown his commitment to ending deportations permanently. 

In my opinion, Biden, who also was previously the US vice president, should not have been shocked that his goals were denied by the other branches of government. He knew what to expect and did not make plans to counter those hurdles. Instead, he made promises he could never keep.  

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